Sharod Croom

Sharod is the Founder and CEO of DiR Studios, and all its entities including XP BoostTV and Games. He has been researching the gaming industry for 10+ years. In 2016, he started DiR Studios and plans to launch his gaming news media channel and game development studio in 2018. He co-hosts the Should We Be Working? Podcast with Co-Founder Jacob Shell.

Jacob Shell 

Co-Founder and Host of Should We Be Working? Podcast, Jacob Shell is a jack of all trades and a...master of all trades. With a wide array of talents, Jacob has been the backbone of this company, every step of the way. It's a safe bet without him DiR Studios, would still just be a daydream. Always down to learn a new skill and there to handle the serious business problems, Jacob is always there to help things run smoothly.