Welcome to Nerdom!

An open panel forum that discusses topics in nerd, geek, techie and everything in between. Watch as host, Evette Suarez talks to rotating group of guests every week about a variety of nerdy topics in an uncensored, serious discussion with plenty of laughs.


Episode 1: Problems In Gaming

 Joining us on this episode are Ken Sampsell, from J&K productions (YouTube channel) and host of the upcoming Gaming Autopsy, Sharod Croom, founder of DiR Studios, Brett Odle, Ian Frey and last but not least our host and producer of Nerdom, Evette Suarez also known as Cherrypopp11 from Twitch. The topic for this episode was problems that face the gaming community today. We had a blast, tragically though our live stream cut out on us so please excuse the abrupt ending.


Episode 2: Anime, Sex, And Hentai

Join our open panel forum as we discuss anime, tentacle porn and the morally gray area that is sex in anime. Joining us again are: Ken Sampsell, Sharod Croom, Brett Odle, and Ian Frey!


Episode 3: Are Comics Dying? Plus What Is Up With Wonder Woman and her Jet?

Join us as we go on a special crossover adventure with hosts of Should We Be Working Podcast Jake and Sharod. Also, we explore the issues the comic industry faces today, coming of age, defiling pages of comics with youth and Hitler. Our guests are: Jacob Shell, Sharod Croom, Brett Odle, and Ian Frey.