Lots of Excitement on the Way!

Well, it's been a while since the last update but we have lots of exciting things on the horizon! As of now we are updating the website with the most current information and gearing up for E3 2018! We got a few new members on the team and are finally gaining some traction! Our previous YouTube channel was shut down along with all our previous show but not to fear we are currently working on updating the new channel with plenty of new stuff and some oldies we were able to recover! As E3, gets closer you'll be hearing more from us as to what we can't wait to check out! Stay tuned for more!

- Sharod

E3 2017 Here we come!

Been awhile since our last post but in a few days we will be making our way from Japan all the way to Los Angeles, California for E3 2017! Honestly this is a dream come true for me personally as I've wanted to attend E3 since I was only 10 years old and its been a long 17 years since then! The team and I are excited to see what new games and announcements await us this year and plan to keep you updated so check out Twitter and Facebook feeds from cool pics. Luckily for us we got even more excitement awaiting us in LA, which includes attending the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra 1st World Tour and getting to experience the Final Fantasy XIV Coils of Bahamut Real Escape game! We're really big fans of Square-Enix here at DiR Studios so we can't wait to see both of these events and share them with all of you!

Another announcement I am excited to make is that we have official begun Pre-Production on our first video by our developers part of XP Boost Games! Things are certainly in the early phases and I can't share much except that it is expected to be a smartphone game and we are planning to release in both North America and Japan as well. Please stay tuned to us to hear more updates as we go on.

If you hadn't heard our Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube channel are all up and running and we are adding content and streaming constantly now. In fact, you can check out one of our shows Nerdom live on Twitch every week on our channel. Be sure to check it out and keep watching for more new shows and livestreams! See you guys in Cali!

Updates and More Updates!!

Hey guys!!

It's been awhile since I posted our first blog but it's been a journey getting things in order to actually launch this company. However, I am pleased to announce that we are officially going live with content! We have a YouTube and Twitch channel, XP Boost TV, as well as a Twitter ,@xpboosttv, handle! On our Youtube channel we already uploaded about 13 episodes of our Should We Be Working? Podcast and few live streams of FFXIV. 

This is an exciting time for us, as we have finally started gathering our equipment and secure a filming location, so be on the look out for plenty originally shows from us, the first of which being a weekly news show and Gaming Autopsy, our game review show, hosted by Ken Sampsell. With the media portion of our team finally starting to get rolling, we have begun searching out members for our game development team as well. So stay posted for updates!

I'm happy with the growth of our team and the effort they are putting forth into this company of mine and I hope we'll be able to make some kickass content that gamers and the geek culture at large can enjoy. So I hope you'll stick with us as we kick and struggle our way into this industry!

Much Thanks!


We Are Live!

So it's been a long time coming and I can finally say that DiR Studios is live! This is our first news post of many since we are not only a Video Game Studio but as a Gaming Journalist Page! We will do our best to provide you with the latest news and leaks! So since is the initial new post I wanted to keep it short but also let you know a little about what you can expect in the coming months!

The site is still new and in-devlopment so expect constant updates and changes!

Next month from September 11 to September 19 we will be in Tokyo, Japan to attend the Tokyo Game Show 2016! The Tokyo Game Show 2016 will be running from Sept 15-18 with the first two days being closed to everyone excluding Business and Press, before opening up for the Public for Sept 17-18. We are in the process of trying to procure the Press Passes, which if we are unable to obtain we will go during the public days!  

The Tokyo Game Show is considered one of the biggest gaming events of the year along with Gamescom in Germany that happened this earlier this month and E3 (which I will be attending next year!!).

While we are in Tokyo you can expect tons of other stuff other than TGS 2016, because you know we just got to check out Akihabara! We also got reservations for both Eorzea Cafes in Tokyo and Yokohama. Then I just got to check out the Gundam Cafe and Statue!

Also starting in September 2017, we plan to begin our Twitch/Youtube Channels, the first of which is the Crimson Nights Channel, which hosts livestreams of video games, and our podcast show, that still needs a name!

If you want to hear me now, you can check out the "Should We Be Working?" Podcast on iTunes and Soundcloud. It's a show where I co-host with my friend Jacob on any topic that we end up discussing. So far we've covered things like comic, video games, politics, and social justice. We have a pretty wide palate of interests! LOL

Things are getting exciting and moving pretty quickly here so I can't wait to get started! Expect an nice article of Tokyo and tons of pictures!