Things to do while you wait for TWD

2017 Season 8 Poster

2017 Season 8 Poster


Journalist: Evette Suarez
A List for My Fellow "Dead Heads."

Check out online forums; the internet is chopped full of pages that are dedicated to The Walking Dead fandom. I know I know…… You thought you were the only one, but no you're not. There are plenty of other "dead heads" that don black leather jackets, grab a bottle of Walking Dead wine and cuddle up with their very own Lucille when a new episode airs…. Or maybe that's just me?

This page is not just aimed towards the tv show but also includes topics on Fear the Walking Dead and has threads dedicated to the comic as well.

This page isn't as nicely put together as the last link I posted, but it has some fascinating talks and passionate debates about the show. The page lacks in flashy pictures but has a bang of excellent content, the people that participate are very inquisitive and keep the page active and lively.  Also, if you haven't noticed this page has a cool name. 

We all love Morgan and hate to see him leave, but we are not without hope. Fear the Walking Dead has become his new home and if you have been already keeping up with this show, you can keep this long-standing friendship alive. However, if you haven't jumped on the FTWD bandwagon then fear not. With amazing things like DVD box sets, iTunes, Google Play, and Hulu you can get caught up in no time. 

If you haven't been into The Walking Dead comics, this is a beautiful time to sit down and get acquainted with the cast in the comics. You might be surprised as to how the creator Robert Kirkman has rewritten characters, killed them off or just made new characters. We all love Daryl in the tv series, but some would be shocked to know that he wasn't even a character in the comics. Not to mention some characters in the comics that were written into the television series have participated in the horizontal mambo- these are people you would never have imagined or wanted to.

Read TWD books… Yes, there are books without pictures. Just make sure you read them in chronological order, so you do not miss a single bit of awesomeness. The order is as follows:

Rise of the Governor
Road to Woodbury
Fall of the Governor part one
Fall of the Governor part two
Search and Destroy
Return to Woodbury

Get your color on!!! TWD has made adult coloring books, and they are cool.  You can find copies on Amazon and other sites.

If you are in thick as a "dead head," you can go on a scavenger hunt collecting Popp! Figures, they are inexpensive and are a terrific addition to any geek room.

Also, you can find Popp! Figures that are out of circulation via Amazon and specialty stores that buy back these types of things. I like to buy mine from Movie Trading Company. 

Attend a con; Walker Stalker Con is a way for the fans to have a chance to meet their beloved characters in an excellent chill environment. This event has family-friendly activities, and they stop in multiple cities.

If you are fascinated by psychology, then I recommend reading "The Walking Dead Psychology" TWD franchise in no way authorizes this book, but it is exciting. The book breaks down what would happen to the human psyche if this post-apocalyptic world were to come true. Also, it has a psychopathy checklist inside so that you can analyze your favorite characters or even yourself.

Convert a friend into a fellow "dead head." Fandoms are a beautiful thing to be a part of but when you have a friend to partake in this adventure with you it makes it that much more enticing. 

As with everything patience is a virtue.  I don't know who they are but until the next season comes the world will keep spinning, the bills will keep coming, and life will continue. So, try not to lose out on too much sleep. With this laundry list of things, I just listed you should have no time to be bored.