Should We Be Working? Podcast

Hosted by Jacob Shell and Sharod Croom, two American expats living in Japan, talking about various nerd hobbies, such as games, comics, martial arts, and movies.


Ep1- Introductions and Philosophy

The very first episode of the SWBW? Podcast. This one... is a mess. We are all over the place. Sharod is excited about his Ghostbusters DVD set, but not excited about the new (2016) movie. Jake is resisting the urge to script this whole damned thing and is just trying to get a feel for how to talk to a close friend over the mic.


Ep 2- Controversy, Guns, and Whatnot...

A black guy and another guy who just happens to be white break down the recent issue of gun violence in the US. Do police overstep their bounds? In an infinite universe do any lives really matter? We get WEIRDLY political in this one and manage to remain friends... mostly because we agree on stuff.


Ep 3- Pokemon Go and Global Terrorism

In this one, Jake and Sharod are still a little hung over form the prior podcast-- small topic redux. Mostly in this one we are discussing the global phenomenon Pokemon Go with a little sprinkling of nostalgia about movies and games of the past.


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