XP Boost TV



XP Boost TV is a gaming-oriented YouTube, Twitch, and news channel dedicated to producing quality shows and news updates from the gaming industry. There are a variety of shows and hosts so please check them out!


An open panel forum that discusses topics in nerd, geek, techie and everything in between. Watch as host, Evette Suarez talks to rotating group of guests every week about a variety of nerdy topics in an uncensored, serious discussion with plenty of laughs.


Crimson Night FFXIV Channel

Crimson Night is a Final Fantasy XIV, Free Company, who brings you the latest FFXIV news and discusses the game in general. The show is hosted by Sharod Croom, with guests from his Free Company on the Jenova server.


Should We Be Working? PoDcast

Hosted by Jacob Shell and Sharod Croom, two American expats living in Japan, talking about various nerd hobbies, such as games, comics, martial arts, and movies.